French release: 9th of May, 2012

Directed by: Wang Xiaoshuai

Written by: Wang Xiaoshuai and Lihong Kong

Language: Chinese

Genre: Drama

Countries: France /China

Co-producers: Borsalino Productions, Isabelle Glachant (Chinese Shadows), Wang Xiaoshuai and Arte France Cinéma

Partners: Fonds Sud Cinéma

International sales: Films Distribution

French distributor: Haut et Court

Synopsis:  Wang Han, 11 year old boy in the province of Ghizhou is confronted with a runaway murderer. Hiding in the woods, the wounded man takes Wang Han drying shirt and persuades him to help him out. Frightened and fascinated at once, Wang Han and his friends accept to keep it secret from the police. Strange things are happening at school and the police is everywhere...


Première Internationale en Séance Spéciale au festival de Toronto en septembre 2011, en compétition au festival de San Sébastian en septembre 2011, Festival de Tokyo 2012, Festival de Pusan 2012, Asiatica Filmmediale DB 2011, Talin Black Nights Festival, Festival du Film de Mumbai Third Eye, Rendez-Vous Paris Festival, Festival de Göteborg, Pan Asian Film Festival, Festival de Hong Kong, Riviera Maya Festival, Festival de Fribourg, Festival d’Istanbul, CPH PIX, Art Film Festival, Munchen Film Festival…